quote du jour ~eckhart

There is no such thing as “my” bread. All bread is ours and is given to me, to others through me, and to me through others. For not only bread but all things necessary for sustenance in this life are given on loan to us with others, and because of others and for others and to others through us.

~Meister Eckhart

blushing and shuffling of feet…

It never even crossed my mind when I started a blog that awards might be a part of it, so I was completely unprepared the first time one of my fellow bloggers kindly nominated me for one.  The idea still makes me a little uncomfortable. Surprising, perhaps, in light of my theatre and dance background…I shouldn’t mind a little attention, right? But the fact is that I’ve never been good at blowing my own horn. I’ve always danced or sung or designed or written mostly because I love it, and the doing of those things is a reward in itself. I love creating beauty and bringing joy and making magic and shining a little light in the world, and if others like what I do, that’s great. Just knowing that makes me happy enough.

Although I do talk about myself and about things that happen to me in some of my blog posts, I don’t really see pathwriter as being about me. Continue reading

boundaries ~kelly diels

…boundaries don’t have to be about putting or keeping people out, they can be about inviting people in.

~Kelly Diels, Cleavage

To read the entire post (the best take on boundaries I’ve come across):

Kelly Diels – towards non-shrieky boundaries

love thy neighbor…now

My neighbor brought me a bag of home-grown vegetables yesterday. “We’ve got more than we can eat,” he said, as he handed me a bag of tomatoes (slicing and cherry), squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. His bicycle basket filled with plastic grocery bags containing the bounty from his and his wife’s garden, he was pedaling up and down the street delivering not only vegetables but also neighborly goodwill.

Later, as I lined up the tomatoes on the windowsill Continue reading