the view from my window

morning sky – December 31, 2011

One of my favorite things about my little cottage is the view from my kitchen window. It’s a double window that faces east-southeast, so, on the days when I rise early enough, I’m treated to some glorious sunrises. Since I live in the city, in an older neighborhood with lots of sixty- and seventy-foot trees, this sort of view is not necessarily a given, because the tree canopy often blocks it. Continue reading

the power of words

Earlier this week, a friend from my theatre days posted a link to a blog post on a website called The site is the creation of a Canadian woman named Danielle LaPorte, who is a writer, speaker, and a “strategic and intuitive business advisor.” Danielle writes and speaks from the heart, and the name of her blog is well chosen. She doesn’t mince words, and she has a powerful way of stringing words together so that they burn a searing path into your heart and mind.

She also uses some four-letter words here and there, and Continue reading