quote du jour ~eckhart

There is no such thing as “my” bread. All bread is ours and is given to me, to others through me, and to me through others. For not only bread but all things necessary for sustenance in this life are given on loan to us with others, and because of others and for others and to others through us.

~Meister Eckhart


quote du jour ~rohr – all great spirituality…

All great spirituality teaches about letting go of what you don’t need and who you are not. Then, when you can get little enough and naked enough and poor enough, you’ll find that the little place where you really are is ironically more than enough and is all that you need. At that place, you will have nothing to prove to anybody and nothing to protect.

That place is called freedom. It’s the freedom of the children of God. Such people can connect with everybody. They don’t feel the need to eliminate anybody . . .

~Richard Rohr, Healing Our Violence through the Journey of Centering Prayer (Compact disc edition)

question du jour – what if…

What if you approached every person you encountered during the course of each day as though it would be the last time you see that person? Would it change your interaction with the person? Would it change what you did or said? In what way?


quote du jour ~rumi – the universe is…

The universe is a complete unique entity. Everything and everyone is bound together with some invisible strings. Do not break anyone’s heart; do not look down on weaker than you. One’s sorrow at the other side of the world can make the entire world suffer; one’s happiness can make the entire world smile.


the church of kindness


Money is short…time even shorter…yet still I found myself wandering my local thrift store because this is what I do when I feel particularly bad about either of those things. There it was, a really, really old church pew. I know it’s old because it’s uncomfortable and so simply made. I wanted it bad. There was no good or logical reason to buy an old church pew, but it’s a good thing I am hardly ever logical I guess.

The Facebook status update went something like this:

i have no $ but bought a really, really old church pew today…and I figure many an old lady or gent said some prayers in those seats…and who needs money when you have the remnants of old lady prayers…

It sort of feels like that today, that you are leaning into something old, or something or one that has walked before you because…

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it all matters

Everything I do and say with anyone makes a difference.  ~Gita Bellin

I made a decision some years ago that I was going to make it a personal mini-mission to try to engage every person who waited on me in a store—from the cashier at the grocery store to the person serving my coffee—in a personal way. These are jobs in which it’s easy to become invisible, and I wanted the person to know that I really saw him or her. This meant that I had to ask something, comment on something, engage the person somehow in a brief exchange so that we could really connect, if only for a few moments.

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