are you hanging by a thread? danielle laporte

It’s hard, it’s wrenching. It’s incredibly painful and it’s difficult to feel lightness. Or to see clearly. Hanging by a thread can be really disorienting. What you’re going through undeniably sucks.

Listen to me: It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You can do it. Baby, you ARE doing it. You’re getting through this. Right now your cells are plumping up and your heart is beating and you have your breath. In breath. Out breath. It’s really okay if you have to get that basic about getting through it. In breath, out breath. Sun’s gonna rise. It’s going to be okay. Take encouragement from strangers. Like me. Go ahead. Take it. It’s free and I don’t feel karmically entangled. So listen to me: It’s going to be okay.

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comparing your pain to others ~danielle laporte

Denying your personal pain won’t lessen other people’s suffering. Weighing your little woes and your emotional strife on a global scale doesn’t necessarily make you a more responsible citizen.

~Danielle LaPorte

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the dangerous terrain of unnecessary dream shrinkage ~danielle laporte

We think that if we slow down that the dream machine will come to a stop. Or if we stop working so damn hard, we’ll have to do without. Or if we stop “processing so much” we won’t get the deep love we crave. Simplifying what you put out doesn’t mean you have to expect less in return. Ease up on yourself, but don’t shrink your dreams.

The cosmos doesn’t measure sweat and hours for reward. The cosmos deals in the currencies of joy and satisfaction.

That means, if easing up makes you happier and more fulfilled, the universe will help you pull it off.

~danielle laporte

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open up anyway ~danielle laporte

open wide.
give your desires words. out loud words.
tenderly gaze of the eye to eye.
expose your craving anyway you must, under a blanket or backed by a rented band.
reveal your intentions, clean.
stand there, vulnerable, waiting.
describe your dream, in detail.
clarify what you’re afraid of and give faith to the opposite.

engage every cell in fiercely wishing:
to be seen. to be graduated. adored. valued. validated. met.

the moment holds it all. give it then and there.
even if it didn’t work before, or you’re not sure what will come out of you to make for something new. (you can’t be sure) Continue reading

the burning question – what boat do you need to burn? ~danielle laporte

There’s a story my friend Pasha told me about about a mythic band of magic-loving Irish folk. Feeling the call for newness, they would forge out to settle on a new island. Necessarily, they would make the journey by ship. When they arrived to their next land they would unpack — and then promptly burn their boats.

No desire to go back. Focused forward. New journey, new way of getting there, new results.

Usually we want to do more of what got us to where we are. There is safety in repetition. Familiarity, best practices, proven techniques. I think the Bright Future craves more daring from us. Continue reading

what’s one dumb thing you used to believe in?

I’ve become a big Danielle LaPorte fan in the past few months. Recently, on her blog, she posed a question to her readers: What’s one dumb thing you used to believe in?

I had to think about this, not because I didn’t think I’d ever believed in dumb things, but because I couldn’t decide which dumb thing to answer with. Continue reading

danielle laporte – 7 things I know about active letting go

Empty your hands and your heart. Regularly.
Take deep breaths. Often.
And move stuff over and out.
Make space (what a creative act! space-making!)
The space is full of what you really need.

~Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + other sermons


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timelessly blessing now (a poem for starting and continuing) ~danielle laporte

you will never arrive over there
because you are
in truth
more light than dark
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danielle laporte on life balance & passion

“If you want to do great things, striving for balance is a losing game. I don’t think remarkable artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, or generous souls set out on their giving journeys with the aim to be measured and harmonious.”

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the grand pep talk ~danielle laporte

“There are soul-justified reasons to cancel. There are times to just stop. This isn’t one of them. Keep going. Show up. Full on. Full tilt. Full out. Decide to be one of those people who pull it off….Decide to rise.”

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