boundaries ~kelly diels

…boundaries don’t have to be about putting or keeping people out, they can be about inviting people in.

~Kelly Diels, Cleavage

To read the entire post (the best take on boundaries I’ve come across):

Kelly Diels – towards non-shrieky boundaries


logging off: the power of disconnection ~martha beck

“Overconnection is my major occupational hazard. My job is all about soulfully linking with others, and this is truly as much fun as I’ve ever had with my clothes on, but after doing this with many people for many hours, I often feel as if I’ve watched ten great movies back-to-back: dazed, frazzled, longing for silent solitude. I’m not up to gracious separation; I need quick-and-dirty ways to save my sanity, right now.”  ~Martha Beck

To read Martha’s humorous but wise advice on disconnecting: