music du jour ~sigma/secret garden

pathwriter’s note: I’ve had the Dreamcatcher album by Secret Garden for a very long time; I listen to it from time to time when I need to turn inward and reconnect with my inner being. This song in particular often helps me release pent-up emotions that I didn’t even know were pent up…sometimes the tears just flow and flow, providing a much-needed catharsis. Other times, it carries me to a deeply peaceful place.

things that make me smile – walking in memphis

I don’t know what year it was when my brother introduced me to Marc Cohn and “Walking in Memphis”, but the song grabbed me by the soul the very first time I heard it. I’ve listened to it countless times since and never tire of it. I’ve even used it for big, sweeping, leap combinations in modern dance classes.

Every time I hear the first few piano notes, my mouth stretches into an involuntary smile, my eyes crinkling and my heart lifting in recognition of an old, well-loved friend. Cohn’s voice and the lyrics and the rolling rhythm and the piano playing all come together in some sort of magical, alchemical mix that never fails to take me to my happy place.

The tune that soothes your spirit may be different from the one that eases mine, but whatever music is balm to your soul, be sure to give yourself the gift of taking the time to listen and enjoy and absorb the healing and renewal that it offers. For me, this one is always a sure thing; I hope you enjoy it, too.