quote du jour ~hafiz – everyone is…

Everyone is God speaking. Why not be polite and listen?


2 thoughts on “quote du jour ~hafiz – everyone is…

  1. I love Hafiz and I love the idea behind these words. I’m just not sure the premise is true. Or maybe its true in so much bigger a way than I can grasp, I just am not able to get my arms around it. There are voices shouting loudly in the world right now full of hatred and violence and death. Are these God speaking? Is it possible ISIS is the voice of God? And if God is not everywhere and in everything, then where is God? If God is not full of Darkness as well as Light, then where does Darkness live, and where the Light?

    • I think the voices of hatred and violence cause us to look to what we can do to bring more light and love to the world. In that sense, the Darkness by its very existence calls forth the Light, as strange and counterintuitive as that sounds. I don’t know…this is one of those quotes that rang true in my bones, though I don’t exactly know how to explain it.

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