time warp

I popped in here last night and was surprised to see that I hadn’t posted anything in more than a week—not even a quote du jour. Then again, my schedule the last couple of months has been morning til night, seven days a week (plus a house guest for ten days)—and this coming on top of a 6- to 8-month period that’s been pretty intense emotionally. No sudden, earth-shaking events or anything, just a lot of emotions coming up, recognition of patterns and realizations about my life, about where I’ve been and where I am now and where I want to be. Big life stuff…yet outer things have demanded my attention and left me little time to sit and sort and assimilate these thoughts and feelings.

When I finally got past a big deadline on the 12th (opening night for a show I’d choreographed), it all fell down around me, so to speak. I felt heavy and sad and listless and overwhelmed, depressed and unable to focus. The ice storm and single-digit weather last week didn’t help, keeping me mostly indoors for several days running, layering cabin fever on top of the cloud that was already hanging over me.

Now, ten days later, I’m finally feeling a bit more normal, but there’s still a sense of “Now what? Where do I start? What do I think? How do I feel? How do I sort this all out?” I’ve been pushing hard the last few months, but now that the pushing is over and I have some breathing room, I don’t know how to act.

So…I’m trying to give myself some time to adjust, to find my center (which has been AWOL for some time now) again. I need some long(er) walks in the woods, less time on the computer, more time reading and writing, a lot of time in the garden, and a lot of time just being. I need to find my inner rhythm again, to find the middle ground between fast forward and full stop.

Thanks for your patience in my absence. I am (sort of) back now, and I’ll be posting quotes du jour and sharing random thoughts on a regular basis soon.

8 thoughts on “time warp

  1. I also realized yesterday that I hadn’t written anything, hadn’t even worked on any drafts, for over a week, and that my production over the past couple of months had been lagging—my reasons (excuses?) not entirely dissimilar to yours. A good friend told me rather brutally last night to sit my ass down and start typing. Can’t argue with that, not at all :)

    • I think there are times when we need to “sit [our asses] down” but there are also times we need to let things percolate. I’ve been trying to write at least something on my novel (still have trouble saying that out loud) every day, even if it’s only a couple of paragraphs, but I also don’t give myself a hard time when I don’t. Lots going on inside this head (and heart) of mine these days….I figure I have to make allowances. :-)

  2. It seems many are having a similar experience, including myself. Three writers I know are taking a break from social media and their blogs, because they feel a call to come aside and be still.
    I honor you for listening to your heart voice.
    I’ve been thinking about you and wanting to get in touch so we could get together, but somehow the time has not been right. There’s always something going on underneath or on the side that I am needing to be with. I trust we will be able to meet soon and have a nice lunch and a walk in the woods. You matter and you are loved. <3

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