time and space

Most of the time, I feel as though this blog and the things I write or post exist in a sort of bubble. Although I give a lot of thought to the sorts of things I post, I don’t usually give a lot of thought to what happens afterwards. I long ago stopped worrying about whether my readers commented on my posts or hit the “like” button. Somewhere along the way, I decided that the quotes and personal posts and re-posts of others’ words were like seeds—my job was to cast them to the wind and not worry about where they landed or whether they sprouted.

Lately, it’s been harder to write posts, mostly because I’m primarily making my living as a freelance writer these days, which means I log a lot of time working on my laptop and focusing my brain on writing. And then there’s the new writing challenge that’s been added to the mix: the fiction nudge. By the time I’ve spent the better part of a day writing, my brain is often mush, and sitting down (again) to compose a blog post is often beyond me—which means my blog writing has fallen by the wayside. Some days, even searching for and posting quotes has been a challenge, but somehow I’ve managed to keep the quotes going and even write something from time to time.

About a month ago, I had lunch with a fellow blogger, with whom I’ve built a friendship online the last few years. We’ve moved to locations only an hour or so apart here in NC, and, after talking about it for a long time, we finally met in the middle and had lunch. We greeted and hugged each other like long-lost friends, and we sat and talked as though we’d sat and talked like that a million times.

At some point during the conversation, my new/old friend looked at me and said, “I’m so glad you’re writing again! I love your quotes and excerpts, but I love reading what you write. I love your voice.” It was a nice affirmation, especially coming from someone whose voice I respect.

A few days later, I walked my dog over to the public rose garden that’s a short distance from my house. A lot of people get married there, and that day was no different. Since the wedding was clearly over, Darcey and I went ahead into the garden, and there, among the wedding guests wandering the garden, was a friend from Richmond. What were the odds? Not only that she would be attending a wedding in a garden just down the street from my house, but also that I would choose to walk Darcey at precisely that time—especially since I’d planned to take Darcey to the museum trails that day but had changed my mind and headed to the rose garden instead.

As we talked about how good it was to see each other after so long, my friend suddenly smiled and said, “But I have you with me every day. I just love pathwriter. It makes my day.”

The next day, I opened my email to find an email from a friend who lives several states away. We hadn’t communicated in a while, and when she’d commented on a recent pathwriter post, I was prompted to email her and catch up. In her reply, she mentioned the post about my Adirondack chairs and how the theme of the post fit with some other events in her life and had special meaning for her. “If you ever doubt that what you post has positive ripples…don’t!”

Boom. One, two, three. In the space of a single week, three far-flung friends had shared positive responses to my blog. By now, I’ve posted enough about synchronicity that you know I don’t believe in coincidences. That doesn’t mean I see “signs” everywhere I look, but it does mean that when this sort of thing happens, I pay attention.

This time around, I figure it’s just the Universe saying, “Your pathwriter blog is a good thing. It makes a difference in the world, even if you’ll probably never know what the effects might be. Keep it up. Find the time.”

We all have our ways of making a difference. I’ve been on the planet long enough to know that I’ll never be a flag waver or the leader of a movement. It’s just not who I am. But I can post a quote du jour or share a personal experience on this blog, and maybe someone on the other side of the world will go out and wave a flag or start a movement. Or maybe they’ll just cut themselves a break, or let go of an old hurt, or allow themselves to (finally) be happy.

In the grand scheme of things, posting quotes du jour and writing the occasional personal essay isn’t a lot to ask, so I’ve recommitted myself to casting seeds. I’ll let the Universe do the rest.

6 thoughts on “time and space

  1. I’m glad that you’ve made that decision… but I know that sometimes it does cross the mind whether writing our blogs do still have a meaning…especially for ourselves first and foremost! Diane

    • Thank you, Diane!

      I don’t think I’ve ever questioned whether this blog had meaning, because I believe anything we put out into the world has meaning for someone somewhere, even if it’s only yourself. It can be positive or negative, but it has meaning—the butterfly effect thing, you know?

      For me, this blog initially gave me a place to follow the call I’d felt to start writing again, at a time when I had no outlet. And it gave me a place to share favorite quotes that had special meaning for me. There have been so many times when coming across just the right words has changed my outlook (and therefore my life), so the quotes du jour have been a way for me to pay it forward.

      Along the way, I’ve been so blessed. I’ve “met” so many of my fellow bloggers, like you, and I’ve had the blessing of knowing (from the folks who have taken the time to comment) that something I posted came at just the right time for someone. What a gift that is!


  2. Your blog does make a difference. when I have a bad day, when I in the mood for introspection, when I am feeling creative, when I am joyful – doesnt matter what the sentiment or emotion, I find that your blog has the perfect words for that moment and that day. Some days I feel a gentle nudge to look up your recent posts. And if I have been away for too long like this time, I get greedy and try to take it all in at once and then I slow down and land on the one thing that I needed to see, the one thing the nudge wanted me to see. Keep blogging. You do make a difference.

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