quote du jour ~remen – the slavery that keeps us…

The slavery that keeps us from following our goodness is an inner slavery. We are trapped by ideas of worthlessness and lack of self-esteem, by desire or greed or ignorance. Enslaved by notions of victimhood or entitlement. It is a story of the fear of change, about clinging to places and behaviors that are small and hurtful because letting go of them will mean facing something unknown. I heard again my grandfather’s words: “The choice is never between slavery and freedom; we must always choose between slavery and the unknown.”

~Rachel Naomi Remen, My Grandfather’s Blessings

2 thoughts on “quote du jour ~remen – the slavery that keeps us…

  1. It does seem to be the unknown that tends to freeze me in my tracks and makes me think twice before moving into something new. This is a wonderful excerpt with a great message.

    • It seems every time I’ve made a big change, the unknown has figured largely in the move. I have rarely left something behind and had something definite waiting for me. When I decided to move to Richmond, I didn’t really know anyone there, I didn’t have a job or a house…by the time I got there, all of that had changed. When I decided to move back to NC…same thing. That transition was a little trickier…there were a LOT of unknowns involved, but a year later, I’m doing really well.

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