things that make me smile – humans of new york

collecting rocks HONY

She was collecting rocks. (Photo by Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York)

I’ve been vaguely aware of the Humans of New York project for a while now, I guess. My sister has posted some of the photos on her Facebook page in recent months, and I’ve liked what she’s posted (both literally and in the Facebook sense of the word). However, like many of you who are on Facebook, I already “like” too many pages and have “unliked” several of them in the past year because I simply don’t have time to read the posts. Also, the last few months have been kind of crazy/busy, with me trying to adjust to this latest phase of my life, so I hadn’t really looked any further into this photographer’s wonderful project, even though it intrigued me.

Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday, my sister re-posted this photo, and I fell in love. The little girl’s joy made me smile from head to toe. She was the embodiment of joy, and yesterday I needed to be reminded of joy. I immediately re-posted the photo, and then I went to the Humans of New York Facebook page and “liked” it, so that I wouldn’t miss a single one of the posts going forward. Then I spent a chunk of time going back through earlier posts.

The photos are not extraordinary by themselves, but the stories/quotes that go with them are. Funny, poignant, sad—combined with the photos, they create portraits of their subjects that remind us that we are, all of us, gloriously human, that we all have stories to tell, that we all contribute to the rich fabric of life.

I loved this photo so much that I re-posted it today, just in case someone might have missed it. Then I decided to share it here. We all need to be reminded of joy now and then. I hope this photo does that for you.

6 thoughts on “things that make me smile – humans of new york

  1. I saw this one on the HONY page too and absolutely loved it!! I adore that page and Brandon’s work. Funny how simple, yet powerful his postings are! We all just want to feel connected, it seems.

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