quote du jour ~levoy – no matter how…

When I play the piano, I sometimes finish a piece by holding my foot on the sustain pedal and listening intently as the sound fades and eventually merges with the surrounding silence. When the last note is barely audible, there is a moment when I’m not certain if I’m still hearing the note or imagining it, whether it’s a part of me or a part of the world.

No matter how hard I struggle to discern where I leave off and others begin, ultimately I find that there’s no telling. I cannot convince myself that there is such a place. I cannot find a ramrod boundary line, only watery expanses, and in the diminuendo I’m always being carried out into the world. I grapple with a question once posed by the psychologist June Singer: “The space between us, is it a space that separates us or a space that unites us?”

~Gregg Levoy, Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life


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