quote du jour ~shafak

Patience does not mean to passively endure. It means to be farsighted enough to trust the end result of a process. What does patience mean? It means to look at the thorn and see the rose, to look at the night and see the dawn. Impatience means to be so shortsighted as to not be able to see the outcome. The lovers of God never run out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full.

~Elif Shafak, The Forty Rules of Love

5 thoughts on “quote du jour ~shafak

    • I have Wayne Dyer’s book on the Tao Te Ching…He takes each verse and offers his personal take on it. I was working my way through it one verse at a time but obviously had to pack it up when I moved. Thanks to you, I’ve just pulled it off the shelf and added it to my bedside stack once again! I’m curious…what made you think to suggest it?

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