2 thoughts on “quote du jour ~pema chodron

  1. I love Pema’s wisdom.
    I wonder about this quote in that if she means that “precious” means rare, then does that mean that the rest of the time we think we can handle whatever is happening?
    Or, by “precious” does she mean that it’s simply a gift to us, even if these gifts (which may not be wrapped in shiny paper) come very often?
    For me, opening sometimes comes after I start to accept that it doesn’t matter whether or not I think I can handle whatever is happening.
    Like Byron Katie says, “What is is. You don’t get a vote. Haven’t you noticed?”

    • I think by “precious” she means valuable to our inner growth, and the opportunity is “most precious” precisely because the situation is one you think you can’t handle. I think Pema’s “opening” corresponds to Katie’s acceptance of reality and “shutting down” corresponds to Katie’s arguing with reality.

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