poem du jour ~pathwriter

lives collide
fold in on one another
than their


would allow

but what cost attends
this blending?

an open heart
risks breaking
but not opening

dare the breaking
it only
opens you


8 thoughts on “poem du jour ~pathwriter

  1. You’re so kind, Deborah! I’m doing well, still unpacking and re-acclimating to my new/old hometown, but so glad to be here. Thank you for the lovely blessing, which I receive and return to you. :)

    • Thank you, Brenda. For me, publishing these poems that bubble up from time to time is one of my places of risking vulnerability. I remember the work of “real” poets I’ve read and admire, and my hand hesitates to hit the Publish button. It’s gotten easier each time, though. (and it helps that people have “liked” them and said kind things!). :)

      • What’s the difference between a “real” poet and somehow like you who writes beautiful poetry? I understand your statement though because I defer to the “real writers” and exclude myself from that pack.
        Your poetry, as is your writing, is full of heart and that’s what makes a difference on the planet. You delight my heart with your words!!

        • I understand…and I appreciate your kind words. I guess I would compare it to an example from my performing days. It has long been the case in musical theatre that, in addition to acting, one must be able to sing AND dance (hence the term “triple threat”). However, auditions are held separately for “singers who dance” and “dancers who sing”…so you attend the audition that reflects your particular strength, in the hope that you will be considered/cast accordingly. I guess I see myself as a writer who sometimes dabbles in poetry rather than as a poet—someone who, in my my mind, uses poetry as his/ her primary form of expression and for whom writing poetry is a true strength/gift. As you say, though, the important thing is whether the writing touches others, and I’m glad my writing has touched you! xoxo

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