Your body and spirit, subconscious and conscious—every portion of you recognizes home. That is why on the moment of arrival, your entire being relaxes into a contented puddle of joy.
~Richelle E. Goodrich

I’m going home tomorrow. The physical me will arrive in the physical place that used to be my hometown, and I’ll feel the relief and peace and joy that comes of returning to a place that is familiar down to my bones. My spirit has been hungry for this homecoming since long before I left the state of North Carolina, for I left my inner home, lost my inner compass, years before. I’ve been on a journey back to myself for what seems a very long time.

Oddly, the years that I was physically away brought me closer to that internal homecoming. I know that I’ll be sorting out those experiences and weaving them into my soul for some time, but I’ll be doing this at home…a place that feels safe and comforting, a place where perhaps, at last, I can finally come home to myself.

I don’t think my travels are over somehow, and the next leg of my journey remains to be seen. But for now, I’m happy to be going home—in both senses of the word—and I’m more than ready to put my feet up and stay awhile.


7 thoughts on “homecoming

  1. you’ve got an adventure waiting as you walk into your home and rejoice in the familiar, in the known mixed with the new understanding you’ll likely experience dear~ You’re a strong woman and capable of so many more mountains !

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