note to self (3)

Just as you tend your garden with care and attention—turning and enriching the soil, pulling the weeds, pruning back deadwood—so, too, must you tend your inner garden, turning and enriching the soil of your soul, pulling the weeds of doubt and fear, pruning back the deadwood of old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Soil that is depleted and lacking in nutrients cannot support the growth of the plants that are placed in it; your soul is the same. You must feed it, give it the elements that will make it a fertile place to grow a life and fulfill your purpose.

Do you know that you are blessed? Of course you do. You see it clearly when you are able to quiet the fear and anxiety. Make the time to go within…and receive guidance. Check in with your body. Return to awareness.

You have been given the gift of time. Receive it. Appreciate it. Let it fill you and bear fruit. It will, if you allow it.

~pathwriter’s guidance journal


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