a place of peace

The photos below were taken in the meditation garden at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, VA. Currently “between houses,” I’ve been staying temporarily with my mom, who lives several blocks away from A.R.E. Although my brother and mother have both lived in this area of Virginia Beach for many years, I’ve never known of the garden’s existence until this visit, discovering it one day when I was out for a walk and decided to explore the grounds of the complex.

The garden isn’t large, but it’s a lovely oasis, just yards from busy Atlantic Avenue, and the waterfall feature effectively drowns out most exterior noises. I’ve made the garden a destination on my morning walks with my dog, sitting by the waterfall and…well, mostly just sitting. I meditate sometimes, but most days I just appreciate the opportunity to spend a few minutes in such beautiful surroundings. The photos don’t really do it justice, but I hope you can get a sense of the place all the same.




3 thoughts on “a place of peace

  1. Beautiful. Thanks for including the trees. They feel like sentries, keeping out the chaos and setting the energy for peace. Transmuting the energy into peace.

    • Yes! I also love the stand of bamboo. They have carved out a path that leads into the middle of it, so that you can stand in amongst the tall, tall stalks and feel the wonder of them. The fourth photo was taken while standing in this spot looking up at the sky.

      • I’ve only seen bamboo in the wild a few times, so it looked like trees to me on my phone. Either way, the peace and calm was clear. I’ve wanted to visit that place for several years. if i make it that far East, I’ll have to tour the grounds. Thanks.

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