lisa clover flower

Photo by Lisa Tate

My friend Lisa has a gift for revealing the magic of the natural world through the lens of her camera. She can make a gumball into a glistening piece of sculpture, a magnolia blossom into an abstract of texture and line and color. She has trained her eye to see beyond the ordinariness of her subjects to their unique beauty and particular essence, and by doing so, offers us a different way of viewing the everyday objects and creatures that inhabit our world.

The flower in the photo above is a lowly clover blossom, rarely seen as the individual marvel that it is, lost instead in a mass of other clover plants, grumbled at and mowed down by those who would have perfect lawns rather than meadows. Think about it…how many of us have ever really seen a clover blossom before? I don’t know about you, but thanks to Lisa, I’ll never look at a field of clover the same way again.

This sort of shift in perspective can change the way we look at everything. Like Lisa, we can train our inner eyes to see beyond surface appearances to the beauty within, and our inner ears to hear the feelings of hurt or longing beneath words that so often prove inadequate. We can train our hearts to receive and reflect the light of our fellow travelers, even when they may be lost in darkness.

As simplistic as it sounds, we really can change the world just by changing our perspective. In fact, it’s really the only way to do it. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s so important that we try. Look deeply. Listen closely. Let your heart be the lens through which you view the world, and remember: just like a camera lens, the more you open it, the more light you let in.


11 thoughts on “perspective

  1. Thank you Viki. You have a talent for sculpting words into messages that we love to read. We are drawn to your written thoughts recognizing our thoughts and experiences in your expressions. Thank you for continuing your work even through your time of wandering, wondering and seeking. I am coming out of such a time and am blessed with contentment as I travel along a different branch of the same tree. I must say that a couple of years ago I would not have guessed that I could find fulfillment and peace in my current path. I am now happier and freer than I have been in years! I think of you often and look forward to our reunion some day!

    • Thank YOU! I love your photography! I’ve been thinking recently that I wanted to post some more of your pics…it’s been a while…so last night I was brain-tired, and I thought, “Well, this is the perfect time.” I knew exactly which one…the clover shot had blown me away. But I sat there looking at it, and the thoughts came, and I started writing. So thanks for the inspiration…much appreciated! xoxo

  2. Very well said, Lisa. I’m a soul committed to perspective, and deeply appreciate your comments. I love Lisa’s talent for emphasizing the extraordinary in an ordinary world.

  3. I will never look at a clover again without seeing the inner beauty Lisa captured in this photo. Great photo, Lisa, and beautiful analogy, Viki. You brightened my day.

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