quote du jour ~nepo – unrehearsed living

In real and tender ways, unrehearsed living means that we dare to let whatever sinks or floats or rises find its way to touch us, without pricking with explanation, without dousing its pain. It means that we dare to make a cup of what we don’t know and let the heart spill it. That, when spent and unsure, I can ask to be held and not regroup. Then, all this softness, all this yearning that makes the heart open like the throat of a baby bird, will deliver us into meaning.

~Mark Nepo, “Unrehearsed Living” from The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live An Authentic Life


4 thoughts on “quote du jour ~nepo – unrehearsed living

  1. Viki, This really hit me, reading it today after being with my mother for 12 days. I felt the unrehearsed living and the pain that accompanied it. Being with my mother and seeing first hand the results of aging and a little dementia really hit hard. All I know to do is let it be and let the heart spill it.
    Perfect words at the perfect time. Thank you and love and hugs to you. Brenda

    • I’m glad you had the time with your mom, Brenda, even though it was painful. I’ve been staying with my mom recently because I’m between houses (and cities), and it has certainly involved unrehearsed living…partially because of some of what you experienced with your mom and partially because of being in limbo, neither here nor there. Finding my way to a place of peace and patience has been a challenge, but I seem to finally found my way there…for now! :) Hugs to you, Viki

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