quote du jour ~montague

The beauty is forever there before us, forever piping to us, and we are forever failing to dance. We could not help but dance if we could see things as they really are. Then we should kiss both hands to Fate and fling our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls into life with a glorious abandonment, an extravagant delighted loyalty, knowing that our wildest enthusiasm cannot more than brush the hem of the real beauty and joy and wonder that are always there.

~Margaret Prescott Montague

4 thoughts on “quote du jour ~montague

  1. What a beautiful thought. I was thinking about dancing this morning and how often I fail to dance when I want to because I feel so vulnerable when I dance in public. Sigh. My intention is to grow past this and to courageously begin to move with the music wherever I am at any time.

  2. I think most people feel vulnerable when they dance in public (even us dancers!). But I think that same vulnerability is what allows us to feel the joy that dancing brings…

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