guerilla goodness: in honor of emilie


emilie love-2

I waited to tell her as long as I could…I knew she would take the news deep into her heart.

She is inquisitive.

She is soulful.

She is seven.

I scooped her into my arms, we climbed in bed and I tucked the covers all around us…with some false assumption that we would feel safe there.

“I have something I have to tell you Lucy…” I said. I followed the guide, trying to remember everything it said as I carefully laid out the story to her.

When I was done, she was quiet. We sat for what felt like an eternity…until she spoke. It was almost a whisper.

“Mom, that is very, very sad.” she replied quietly.

“It is baby, it is.” I agreed.  Just a moment later she spoke again.

“Can you tell me the kid’s names?” she asked.

I went through the list of children I remembered…then I…

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2 thoughts on “guerilla goodness: in honor of emilie

  1. I really have needed and appreciated your posts this last week (not that I don’t always like your posts…but you know) this is too much for me. If it is too much for me how are they dealing with this.
    Thank you for finding something that is good to do. Kindness really is the only way to keep going forward from here. Thank you

    • I’m glad the posts have helped. I, in turn, have needed and appreciated kindness girl’s posts…her words somehow express the same aching sadness and loss we all feel and yet soothe us as well. I have learned from her that there is always something that we can do, however small, to shine a light in the midst of the darkness.

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