politics of the heart

I am once again simply sitting to write without really knowing what I plan to say. So many thoughts and emotions have been swirling around inside me lately that I don’t really know where to start.

What comes most immediately to mind is that I am so relieved that the elections are over. I have been terribly distressed by the rancor and negativity that have overshadowed this process; this has weighed on my heart even more than I realized. The quote that became famous during the Rodney King incident—“Why can’t we all just get along?”—comes to mind. Why can’t we, after all?

Just this morning, it occurred to me that perhaps the extreme level of meanness and heart-lessness has served a purpose. Perhaps we became so used to negativity in politics that we eventually became numb to it. Perhaps we didn’t notice that, somewhere along the way, healthy competitiveness had morphed into selfishness and ruthlessness and viciousness. Perhaps it had to get this bad for us to finally say, “Enough!”

I am relieved and heartened at the way that many of the elections turned out. In so many cases, hate was defeated, and the door to tolerance opened a little bit wider. And while there were still many who voted from a place of divisiveness and fear and even hate, the fact that their chosen candidates didn’t prevail in a lot of the races gives me hope—hope that more of us are beginning to “think” with our hearts and choose leaders who will do the same.


3 thoughts on “politics of the heart

  1. When I heard on one news program today the amount of money that was spent on these horrible televisions ads I was amazed and appalled as was the newscaster as he commented that the money they spent could have been put to so much better use….It’s no different in Canada…Diane

  2. I’m glad its over also. I believe the negativity of it weighed on everyone. It was in the airwaves, in the written word, and all over the computer. We cannot throw that much ugliness into the world and think we won’t be affected by it.

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