excerpt du jour ~the white-robed monk

Sitting in stillness
At the depth of stillness,
Something stirs in me.
It draws me
Out of my stillness.
It stirs in me
And draws me on
To explore what I know not.
I rouse myself and follow it.
I go with it
Not knowing where.

The stirring within me
Leads me down dark corridors
Where there is no light.
Not seeing where I am walking,
I walk onwards.
Looking ahead
I see nothing.
There is no end in sight.

I wonder at it,
But the stirring within me
Draws me on.
I continue walking…

~Ira Progoff, The White-robed Monk


One thought on “excerpt du jour ~the white-robed monk

  1. This is beautiful thank you for posting! <3 Funny, I just posted a quote on stillness on a UN-related Facebook page I'm a member of: "Learn how to be still, to really be still and let life happen… that stillness becomes a radiance.” -Morgan Freeman

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