note to self (2)

You are being led. You are being cared for. Trust and follow your instincts, your intuition. Listen and stay open. Be aware.

Go within every day. You must do this. It is very important, the most important thing you can do.

Trust that all is well. Trust that it is coming together. Trust that the “next thing”…is out there and will arrive at just the right time.

~pathwriter’s guidance journal


4 thoughts on “note to self (2)

  1. Funny you should say that. :)

    I’ve seen on several occasions where people have taken smooth stones and written a single word on them (peace, joy, hope, etc.), which I’ve always thought was a cool idea. I was thinking of that the other day, so I took a smooth rock that I’d dug out of my garden (I have very rocky soil!), brought it into the house, and washed it off. A day or two later, I decided to go ahead and write something on it. Of all the words that I could have written, the word I wrote, without really thinking, was “believe”…don’t you love that?

    I have it propped on the windowsill over my sink in the kitchen, where I’ll see it every day. :) Viki

  2. The only way to accomplish anything is to first believe it is possible. I love the smooth stone idea. I may have to remove the wallboard on one wall of my room and build a stone wall for all the reminders I need :)

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