quote du jour ~ram dass

Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.

~Ram Dass


6 thoughts on “quote du jour ~ram dass

    • I don’t think he means “in drag” the way most of us think of it. :) I think he just means “in disguise”…that we should look at every person as being the personification of God in front of us…sort of like the Bible verse: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares..”

      • :) I pondered over that phrase when I read it and I came to the same conclusion you did. Even if we were to interpret it in the modern sense, it would still be relevant for we are not ones to judge anyone. Still a very interesting view on strangers especially in today’s dangerous times, yet essential to living as God would have us live.

    • I agree. It’s an ongoing spiritual task I’ve set for myself. Not always easy to remember when I’m faced with someone who is behaving in a distinctly UN-God-like manner, but therein lies the challenge! :)

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