quote du jour ~kubler-ross -when you spend your life…

When you spend your life doing what you love to do, you are nourishing your Soul. It matters not what you do, only that you love whatever you happen to do. Some of the happiest people I’ve known have been nannies, gardeners, and housekeepers. They put their hearts into their work, and they used the work itself as a vehicle to nourish their Souls. I’ve known other people with more prestigious professions who absolutely hated their jobs. What good is it to be a doctor or a professional if you do not genuinely love what you do? Working in a job you do not love does nothing to nourish your Soul.

~Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, “Soul Gifts in Disguise” in Handbook for the Soul

belated thanks…

I’m not very good at awards, so I’ll admit that I have mixed feelings when I’m nominated for one. I’m honored that people think so well of my blog, but I’m not all that comfortable having the spotlight on me in that way.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I received two nominations for the Sunshine Award, from Cheryl at creativemuse365.wordpress.com and from Kip at kipsthoughts.wordpress.com. Cheryl and Kip are thoughtful, creative people, and I’m touched that they deemed my blog worthy of the Sunshine Award. Thanks, guys!

For the Sunshine Award, I’m supposed to nominate some of my fellow bloggers. I haven’t listed them here, but I do invite you to check out my blogroll in the column to the right—there are some wonderful, creative bloggers on that list. I’m also supposed to answer the questions below. It’s taken me two weeks to finally get them answered, but here they are: Continue reading

quote du jour ~nouwen

Joy and hope are never separate. I have never met a hopeful person who was depressed or a joyful person who had lost hope…It is important to become aware that at every moment of our life we have the opportunity to choose joy. It is in the choice that our true freedom lies, and that freedom is, in the final analysis, the freedom to love.

~ Henri Nouwen

thanks and goodnight

The past few weeks have been very busy (in a good way), and I find my head spinning, sometimes even when I’m lying in bed at night. Today has been no different, and as I gather the energy to drag myself off to my lovely, comfy bed, I find that I am too tired and too brain-dead tonight even to choose a quote.

So I will simply say (write) thank you to all of you who take the time to come here and read what I post. Some of you even press the “like” button or comment, and I love following your gravatars back to your blogs when I have time (I’m way behind on doing this). And I especially love getting to know you through our “conversations” in the comments sections.

So thanks…and goodnight.  :)

quote du jour ~estes

It is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for a while and looking for the psychic and soulful kinship one requires.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

things that make me smile – singin’ in the rain…

I beg your indulgence as I pay tribute to my favorite dancer ever, Gene Kelly. His combination of grace, athleticism, humor and downright joy gave me (still gives me) many hours of pleasure and inspiration. Years ago, when I was filling out a questionnaire at a seminar, one of the questions was “If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?” I was still dancing at the time, and Gene Kelly was the first name that popped into my head. Of course, in my fantasy, lunch would have been followed by dancing with the “Marlon Brando of Screen Dance”.

Gene Kelly would have been 100 years old today, and, thanks to the magic of film, his dancing will continue to inspire generations to come. I never tire of watching the title number from Singin’ in the Rain. When it’s over…well, the lyrics say it all: “What a glorious feeling—I’m happy again!”

So…who inspires you? Do you need a little dose of that energy today? If it’s a musician/singer, listen to his/her/their music. If it’s an author, make a cup of coffee and spend some time with his/her words. Take it in, soak it up, let it fill you. Then go out and inspire someone else with your own brand of awesomeness.  :)