blushing and shuffling of feet…

It never even crossed my mind when I started a blog that awards might be a part of it, so I was completely unprepared the first time one of my fellow bloggers kindly nominated me for one.  The idea still makes me a little uncomfortable. Surprising, perhaps, in light of my theatre and dance background…I shouldn’t mind a little attention, right? But the fact is that I’ve never been good at blowing my own horn. I’ve always danced or sung or designed or written mostly because I love it, and the doing of those things is a reward in itself. I love creating beauty and bringing joy and making magic and shining a little light in the world, and if others like what I do, that’s great. Just knowing that makes me happy enough.

Although I do talk about myself and about things that happen to me in some of my blog posts, I don’t really see pathwriter as being about me. I share the things I do because they’re what inspire me or get me thinking in the moment—in the hope that someone will read the poems or quotes I post, or even my own ramblings, and find a connection there. If I can comfort or inspire someone with what I post here, I figure I’ve done my job.

So…all of that being said, I’d like to thank Diane at for nominating me for two awards (The One Lovely Blog Award and The Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award) and the witty lady (please forgive me, I couldn’t find your name anywhere!) at for nominating me for the Liebster Blogger Award. I’m honored that you both like my blog enough to nominate it for an award.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m not really comfortable listing a bunch of personal stuff about myself, but I do invite you to check out some of my favorite blogs, which are listed on my blogroll just to the right.  [In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you that two of the blogs listed are mine…goingtoground and revisions are outlets for my interests in gardening and DIY projects. :) ]

And just so you know, I’m thrilled when you “like” my posts or comment from time to time or even share a post that you particularly like. That’s all the award I need, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



6 thoughts on “blushing and shuffling of feet…

  1. The word ‘award’ has a connotation that maybe doesn’t fit with this sphere that we’re writing in. I believe it is just an appreciation of the interaction and writing that goes on. And obviously all kinds of poetry, quotes or ramblings are enjoyed by some that read them. Maybe that understanding makes it more comfortable….Diane

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