special delivery from kindness girl

A while back, kindness girl posted that she would sometimes write herself encouraging notes and tape them on her wall.  At the end of the post, she offered to write similar notes to those who emailed her. Things have been kind of challenging for me this past year, and I’m a fan of words on walls, so I figured, “What the heck?” I dashed off an email and promptly forgot about it.

Then, several weeks ago, I received a manila envelope addressed to “The amazing Viki Atkinson” in turquoise felt tip marker. Hmmm.

Suddenly, the light bulb went on…ah, kindness girl. Inside was a piece of paper rolled up like a scroll and tied with a piece of turquoise ribbon….

Last week, I finally got around to putting it up on the wall in my office:

Thanks, Kindness Girl!  :)


7 thoughts on “special delivery from kindness girl

    • Yes, it was certainly wonderful to receive, though I receive a great deal just from reading her posts about her mission to change the world, one kindness at a time. She takes my breath away with her open-hearted approach to life!

  1. ohhhhh, it’s so sweet to see your office V!! Thank you for sharing this…and for your kind words about the messages- it was just what I needed.

    • You’re welcome…and if you need an extra “kindness worker” sometime, let me know via my contact email to the right. I’m just down the road from you! :)

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