brave and kind

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve reblogged several posts by kindness girl. Kindness girl lives in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia, but her message of kindness has gained national attention in the past year, first through an article in O Magazine, then through an invitation from the Huffington Post to share her message of kindness on their Good News page.

This video introduces you to kindness girl, but I hope you’ll spend some time on her blog and let yourself be inspired by her. I think she’s pretty amazing.


2 thoughts on “brave and kind

    • I agree…it’s so easy to get in a hurry and “overlook” others. It’s been an ongoing project for me for a while now to try to connect in some small way with everyone I encounter, even if it’s just a smile. Thanks for reading my blog, Diane, and for taking the time to connect with me! :) Viki

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