quote du jour ~brown – remember…

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.

~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


2 thoughts on “quote du jour ~brown – remember…

  1. This is so true…! If only all of us could remember this. It is sad that so many people do not care at all…Sigh…

    • My challenge is to remember this when dealing with someone who treats others unkindly or unfairly or behaves in other negative ways. I try (not always successfully) to remember to stop and think: this is someone’s sister/mother/daughter/wife. This person has her own hopes and dreams and fears and hurts. This person wants to be loved the same as anyone else does. When I can remember to do this, it shifts/softens my attitude towards the person. It doesn’t mean that I condone or approve of the person’s actions, but it brings another layer to my view of the situation.

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