5 things to do when doors are closing

Such good/wise advice here. I’ve experienced my share of closing doors in the last year and have had to work hard to “let it be” and “give it over”…but that’s exactly what you have to do if you’re ever going to move forward.  ~pathwriter


The doors have been closing lately, big doors…and the image my mind always returns to is Maria Von Trap (in The Sound of Music) sighing and say, “When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” . I always end up at Maria or Mother Superior, this delights me so.

And a window may be opening, but I keep thinking and saying to the Universe, “Noooo, really, THAT one?”, because it doesn’t look anything like I thought or really what  I planned or wanted. There in lies the mystery of my life and the revelation that once again I am not in control of the world or parts of my path…and this is probably a really good thing. Right? or this is what I tell myself.

So on about the 3rd round of doors closing and after prior episodes over the years of freaking out, sucking it up or…

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