things that make me smile – the gardening life

my north carolina garden in spring

From my mid-teens throughout much of my adult life, the thing that got me up in the mornings and lulled me to sleep at night was dance. Whether performing, choreographing, teaching, or writing about it—I ate, breathed, and slept dance. Then I began to garden.

Suddenly there was something else that would both stir my passion and settle me into that place of peace, of rightness. Here was another pursuit that would make time stop and the world go away, leaving nothing but me and the dirt and all the little green things reaching for the sun. Here was another great love that would spend my body but feed my soul.

I tended my North Carolina garden for 14 years and left a bit of my heart there when I moved to Virginia. I’m building a new garden now, and although there are times when I still feel uprooted and long to return to the Old North State, I know I will always be able to find that feeling of home as long as there is a patch of dirt where I can plant a pansy or two.

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