Photo by Gregory Colbert

To see more of Colbert’s breathtaking photographs:


6 thoughts on “peace

      • I did. They are amazing. I don’t know how he got some of the shots that he did, some of them are so incredible as to be wholly unbelievable, almost like they have been photoshopped. I am in awe. Wow. And by the way, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your reply to my comment on one of your previous articles, I really appreciate it very much. I will check out that book you mentioned…I appreciate your kind words. Everyone should be as kind and as thoughtful as you are. Thank you for being such a constant and consistent reassuring presence of positivity and optimistic energy here on the WordPress blogosphere. You are very much appreciated here. How do you ever manage to stay so constantly positive and optimistic about life? How do you do it? I would very much like to know how you stay so bright and positive all of the time. I cannot find the strength for it myself.

        • Aren’t they wonder-full? I’m in awe, too.

          And you’re welcome…we’re all in this together, and I feel we should help and encourage each other whenever we have the chance. As for being positive all the time…I’m not. I struggle with being down and looking at things negatively as much as the next guy. Some days it’s easy, some days not so much. Right now, I’m struggling with a situation that’s very sad for me and that I can’t really do anything about. All I can do is be with it, feel my way through my feelings, and look for the things in my life that make me smile and lift my spirits (my dog and my garden are usually safe bets). Coming across photographs like these by Gregory Colbert remind me of all the beauty and grace and joy to be found in the world, and that helps, too. I also find that the more I look for and focus on the positive, the more likely I am to find it, whether inside myself or out in the world.

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