quote du jour ~myss – one insight…

One insight that completely changed my life came from the writings of Thomas Merton, from an entry in his journal describing a hot summer afternoon. He noted the color of the sunset and how the breeze bent the flowers and how the bulls were resting under the shade of a tree because of the heat. He focused his attention on the simplicity of nature, on all that was silent  and beautiful, and he ended his journal entry that day with this sentence: “This day will never come again.” I read that line again and again until I realized it had taken on sacred meaning for me. It had illuminated the ordinary in my life, the way I saw my family members, each day, and each one of my friends. Every time we gathered—and gather—together, I now think, “This day will never come again. I will never be here with you exactly like this again.” That one sentence was an illumination of my soul, and nothing in my life has ever been the same since. That one insight has given “right proportion” to all matters for me, and I dwell in that thought the same way I dwell in a deep prayer. A thought-prayer like that renews my perspective and lifts me beyond ordinary thinking. It reminds me that no day of my life will ever come again. All lesser things fall into a different perspective when placed against a truth of such magnitude.

~Caroline Myss, Defy Gravity


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