quote du jour ~calvin & hobbes

‘I’ve been thinking Hobbes—‘

‘On a weekend?’

‘Well, it wasn’t on purpose…’

~Calvin & Hobbes (comic strip created by Bill Watterson)


quote du jour ~beck

I think we’re all born with a set of preferred activities and talents, but more than that, with an inexplicable inner knowledge of the things we are meant to do and be, the changes we are meant to make in the world.

~Martha Beck



well-chosen words

Such simple words! But words are mighty things;
They cast us down, or lift us up to rest;
They charm and strengthen, till our angel sings
The last of all the life-songs, and the best.

~Sarah Doudney, Some Words

Words have always held great power for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been transported by words magically strung together into stories and poems and plays and songs. The right words, stumbled across at the right time, have comforted me in difficult times and galvanized me in better times, but mostly they’ve simply touched my heart or made me think.

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wu wei’s pot ~mark nepo

“And suddenly, those tired of the world were falling on their knees to drink from the rain that was dripping through the crack in the heart that belonged to everyone.”

~Mark Nepo

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guerilla goodness ~kindness girl

Unfortunately, I saw this post after the trash had been collected this week, but there’s always next week…



What do you think the most thankless job in America is? I had my own idea but decided to take an informal poll among friends, family, and of course Facebook. It turns out, garbage collectors won by a landslide. I can’t say I was surprised. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, we create an additional one million tons of waste, which is a whopping 25% more that our collectors have to pick up and haul away.

These are people that are part of our lives, in our backyards or front sidewalk, taking away all our decay, the stuff we don’t want or no longer serves us. Yet even though these guys are in my living space every week, I really had no idea what they might look like or what their names were. I started to wonder so I woke up early one Friday morning and waited for them to roll down…

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