descent ~mark nepo

How do we live in a world
where all things are true?
Yet we do. Like a pebble
tossed in the ocean, each
soul dropped into the world
floats slowly, though to us
it seems so fast, while a thou-
sand things come together, tear
apart, prey on each other, grow
from the bottom, leap for the
light, scatter from sudden dis-
turbance. All the while, the
soul drifts lower and we resist
the drift and trouble ourselves
about purpose and where we
are headed and if we’re thrown
off course. But there is nothing
more quietly beautiful than a
soul entering the sea of
existence, finding its place
below all the noise.

~Mark Nepo


6 thoughts on “descent ~mark nepo

  1. I love this one, Viki. The part about troubling ourselves with purpose. It’s so true for me at times….”but what am I REALLY supposed to be doing?” It’s such a familiar question to me, and a part of me knows better than to believe that it’s about the “what,” but yet I lapse into that. This piece by Nepo (like so many of his posts) feels like a mother rubbing the back of her scared child and saying, “It’s ok, it’s ok.”

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