writer’s block

So I have three unfinished drafts for this blog sitting in my posts queue—and that’s only because I trashed a couple of others. I’ve recently been staying fairly busy just trying to keep money coming in, and have also been pretty stressed about one thing or another, so finding the time and the focus to actually sit and write has been a challenge.

This is when that quote comes in—the one that says when we say we don’t have time for something, it actually means we don’t make the time. Guilty as charged, I suppose Continue reading

quote du jour ~Lesser

Don’t look for water. Be thirsty.
We don’t question our need for food or water or air. We honor those instincts in order to survive and thrive. We also have a spiritual instinct—we sense that there is more to life than just the daily grind. That there is meaning and wonder, and that we were put here to love each other and life itself. The first step on a spiritual path is to value your spiritual instinct—to allow yourself to be thirsty Continue reading